What should I have said?

While my dad used to said to me “only this education I can left you when I’m gone”, his dad had already sorted out how his grandsons were supposed to live. […]

Oh stranger,…

Why standing alone makes me wonder why do these feelings rush towards me? Still, you stay so far from here, so sad, so crazy. Let me be there for you, within your words, through my letters. Without holding any breath, just a wish to never forget. I saw you, you were a stranger. Pale skin, […]

Trip Journal -Albania

Sadly literature in non-mainstream languages is hard to access. This is the case of Albanian literature. Despite that a few Albanian authors have been popularized in western culture, e.g., Ismail Kadare, (as they are able to write their novels in more than one language), there is a lot of literature, especially poetry that is still […]

Ink remains…

Why the mean is so important? Why does it change it all? The abstraction of words takes form through a serie of strokes of ink. As everything, it is fresh at the beginning, withering and drying with time. Why does it happen? Why must we fade away? Ink remains. -mc18

Free spirit…

In this life, I was designed. I was brought out to be who I am, a rock. The conditions polished my corners, made me sturdy and resilient. I didn’t have a choice. I am who I am not by choice but by mere coincidence. I was not planed, I just happened. Just as rock in […]