What should I have said?

While my dad used to said to me “only this education I can left you when I’m gone”, his dad had already sorted out how his grandsons were supposed to live. My wildest fantasies were mere chapters in books, his? they came from everything I think he saw. He taught me many things, even though we were mere kids. He showed me that the gap didn’t matter. That somehow, we could share the same dreams, despite the place from where we came…

From where he came everything was an option, and there was no for answers. I learnt that from him. I learnt many things from him. I thought he knew everything, but I was wrong. I forgot that from where he came, there is always a way to step back, be safe. Me? Well, you know…most of the time you only have one chance, and I never taught him that. I could have warned him…I thought he knew. Now, I know. He didn’t know. I learnt many things from him…and the only thing I knew I never share. Now I know it was not my fault…everyone can loss themselves. I lost him, I could have shown him…but I thought he knew.

\fruzti ’17

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