Oh stranger,…

Why standing alone makes me wonder
why do these feelings rush towards me?
Still, you stay so far from here,
so sad, so crazy.

Let me be there for you,
within your words, through my letters.
Without holding any breath,
just a wish to never forget.

I saw you, you were a stranger. Pale skin, bright eyes.
You had a smile, a pair of arms.
A soul. I, empty. Again.

Fading out the warmth.
Oh, stranger shed some light,
don’t let me go, take me home
until the end of the night.

Looking into your eyes I tried to see myself.
The mirror in your iris made me aware,
that I was not there.

“Hold me tight”, I said. My body was numb, my soul intact.
My voice trembling, and my breathing fading.
It was a blank, it was a spiral.

Oh stranger, how did you hold me?
I don’t feel anything anymore.
My skin passed through your hands,
as air going in and out of my lungs.

I was lost, spinning to the bottom. Escaping from me.
Oh stranger, what I have done? Why don’t I remember your touch?
If only your smile would not make me forget.

I’ll only lie when looking at your eyes,
when your lips move to speak,
and your face to cry.

Just take my whole, and don’t let me go.
Oh stranger, hold me tight,
as my body starts to come apart.


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